Board Checkup evolved out of nonprofit leadership research of Professors Yvonne Cafik Harrison at the State University of New York at Buffalo, USA and Vic Murray of the University of Victoria, BC, Canada. The purpose of this research is to a) better understand board performance challenges, b) explain why they exist/persist, and c) test the efficacy of a theory-based online intervention designed to fill gaps in board technical capacity to self-regulate the governance process. The research, which has been peer-reviewed and published, has led to the development of new tools, knowledge and understanding of board performance and how to increase the impact of it through the practice of performance assessment.  


To date, over 7,000 individuals from 1,150 organizations from 80 countries around the world have used Board Checkup to assess board performance with 80 % of those organizations reporting changes in their board's performance upon follow-up assessment. Because this service generates data from which statistics like these can be generated, nonprofit organizations that particpate consent to having the data they provide used for board research and development purposes. However, it is important to understand that the system was designed to create a safe space for assessment and board development conversations by protecting the personal identities of the individuals involved. To this end, all responses collected are anonymous and accessible to approved research personnel who statistically analyze the data collected to test research hypotheses, produce scholarly publications and practice reports, and develop new tools and resources to improve the leadership and governance of nonprofit organizations.  


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