Empirical research has shown that boards of directors of nonprofit organizations that take time to regularly assess their performance are more effective than those that do not (See Harrison and Murray, 2015). Very often board members themselves, and those who connect to the board on a regular basis, have many ideas about what is working and what might be done better. One of the best ways to surface performance challenges and tap the potential for board members and others to contribute to governance effectiveness is to have them complete a well designed and empirically tested questionnaire covering all facets of board performance. When summarized and analyzed, the results provide an excellent basis for board learning and development (see Harrison and Murray, 2015; Murray and Harrison, 2014).


This website provides access to a confidential, theory-based, online board performance management system that can be used for free for a limited time. The system and questionnaires within it are based on research on the impact of self-assessment of board performance on changes in governance behavior and practices. The data collected is part of a longitudinal research project being carried out by Professor Yvonne Cafik Harrison of the School of Social Work at the University at Buffalo, USA in collaboration with Professor Vic Murray of the School of Public Administration, University of Victoria, CANADA.


Nonprofit boards who register to take the Board Checkup will be provided with access to our system to safely and securely surface and discuss board performance challenges as seen by its members and others who relate to it, as well as access guidance on how to make intentional changes to enhance the governance process. Many boards of nonprofit organizations have become subscribers of this service, adopting the practice to conduct due diligence assessments of performance, store and access performance data, and monitor changes in effectiveness over time. 

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